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Dental prostheses

There are various kinds of dental prostheses: fixed dentures and removable ones. Fixed prostheses include crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays. The indication for this is a broken tooth, which is largely destroyed, but it is still worth preserving because it can be needed for a larger prosthetic restoration. As for the materials used, there are several variations, such as gold, metal-ceramic, non-noble metal or full ceramic, the latter being the most aesthetic material.

Some people have several teeth missing, which cannot be covered with a bridge. Then the removable dental prosthesis is necessary to achieve a good chewing function. A removable denture could be a partial denture, telescopic denture and a complete denture.
In addition, you can anchor fixed and removable dentures on implants. This new form of implant prosthetics makes it possible now, to provide the patient with fixed dental prostheses, as long as the anatomical structures allow.

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