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80337 München

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Opening times:
Monday to Friday
09:30 am - 03:30 pm

Mulitlingual surgery:
German, English and


Professional tooth cleaning :
Healthy teeth and healthy gums for a lifetime - with proper prophylaxis everyone can achieve this goal. The earlier one starts with the prophylaxis, the fewer procedures by the dentist will be necessary. Unfortunately teeth brushing only is not enough to have healthy teeth. Therefore we offer professional tooth cleaning in our surgery. Professional tooth cleaning is an ideal complement to the daily teeth brushing.

Fissure sealing: The morsal surface of each molar ( back tooth) has multiple pits (small hollows) or grooves which are called fissures. These fissures are an ideal place for bacteria that lead to caries. After the fissures are previously cleaned, they are filled with a special liquid composite. In this way further penetration of bacteria into the tooth surface is prevented.

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